Here's a few of our results

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of our clients’ business and take great pride in delivering impactful outcomes. When you work with us, you are ensured the highest level of knowledge, implementation and results.

The following results are from when we operated under the Liquid Digital Agency brand.

SEO campaigns

Our team of passionate SEO experts put strategies into action that build brands, get page one rankings and drive targeted traffic for the keywords that matter to our clients’ business.

+80% Organic Traffic

for a home decor store.

+200% Organic Traffic

for an online watch store.

+230% Organic Traffic

for a higher education test preparation service.

+319% Monthly Revenue

for a designer dress store.

7x Organic Traffic

for a subscription box company.

+200% Organic Traffic

for a jewelry brand.

+91% Transactions

for a vape store.

+65% Organic Traffic

for an essential oils store.

-80% Bounce Rates

and 156,403 visits/ month
for a pizza delivery franchise.

+700% Organic Traffic

for a life coaching company.

+63% Non-Branded Traffic

for an online dating website.

+159% Monthly Revenue

for a CBD brand.

Ad campaigns

Our dedicated ads managers work with Google, Facebook and TikTok platforms. We develop profitable campaigns that align with client brand values and are in synergy with other marketing activities.

30+Sales per Week

$15 CPL on Facebook Ads
for a high-ticket IM course.

$50,160 Revenue

From $409 Google Adspend
for a jewelry brand.

20+ Sign ups per Week

$13-18 CPL on Facebook Ads
for a local yoga studio.

+60% Conversion Rate

$71 CPL on Facebook Ads for an advertising agency.

$48 Cost per Demo

on LinkedIn Ads for a B2B SaaS.

+122% Sales

on Google Ads for a t-shirt printing company.